Screwball 2 - 11th January 2006

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Josaka review by Charley Murray
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Pure Reason Revolution

Pure Reason Revolution have been making waves since debuting at Manchester’s ‘In The City’ with Steve Lamacq in 2003. Pulling influences from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and the Beach Boys, it wasn’t long before Poptones mogul Alan McGee and Sony/BMG signed them, leading to the release of the epic 12-minute ‘Bright Ambassadors of Morning’ and mini-album Cautionary Tales for The Brave earlier this year. Their appearance at Screwball Cabaret will be their first ever acoustic show!

Six Nation State

Since Six Nation State combine their catchy upbeat ska tunes with one of the most energetic stage shows you'll see. They've supported Nine Black Alps and reportedly wiped the floor with them. They have been in Reading for less than a year but they've taken the town by storm.


Kaldera's sound is funk, soul, jazz and even a little bit hip-hop. It's edgy, a little bit rocky and it'll make you dance. Debbie's powerful vocals are more than ably backed by 8 incredibly talented musicians. This year they've been in Incognito's Blueroom studios recording their latest EP under the guidance of producer Simon Cotsworth.

Pete and the Pirates

Artrocker says 'So strange! Folk bits! Byrdsy bits! Kraut-rock frug-outs, punk blasts of power and superb pop moments all segued and strewn together carelessly but precisely'. We couldn't put it any better. The Pirates debut mini-album, released on Stolen Recordings, was one of the local records of the year.

Damien A. Passmore

Think country, then move that further South, add some inbreeding and these are the tales Damien tells with the occassional Bon Jovi cover for good measure - worth the entrance fee on his own.

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